Work in RGB, Preview in CMYK

While Photoshop files intended for use in full-color print jobs will ultimately need to be converted to CMYK color mode, working in RGB color mode means more filters for you to use, and a smaller file size, which allows Photoshop to operate more efficiently.

Knowing these benefits, wouldn't it be nice to work in RGB mode, but see the effects of your work in CMYK mode?

Here's how you can do just that in real-time. While your image is open onscreen, go under the Window menu to Arrange, and choose New Window. This will open another view of your existing document. Press Command-Y (for a PC: Control-Y) to show a CMYK preview of your image, then return to your original document and edit as normal. The changes you make in the RGB window will be updated in the CMYK window.

Your finished file will still need to be converted to CMYK mode for use in full-color print production. If you need assistance with this final step, please contact us - we'll be happy to help.

Adobe Photoshop CS Down & Dirty Tricks

by Scott Kelby

Bestselling author Scott Kelby is back with an amazing new collection of Photoshop Down and Dirty Tricks. It's more of those eye-popping, jaw-dropping special effects that made Scott's previous version an award-winning worldwide smash hit!

You'll learn the most closely guarded inside secrets for creating the latest cutting-edge effects, including techniques that have never been revealed before anywhere! And the book is written so clearly, and is so easy to follow, that you'll be able to create every one of these amazing effects yourself.

But Down and Dirty tricks is more than just a just an effects book--it's a tips book too, because on every page Scott includes a cool tip, a quick trick, or a timesaving shortcut, making this an invaluable productivity tool too! Plus the whole book is packed with design techniques, creative ideas and stunning layouts that will help you unleash your own creativity.