Deliver useful, targeted information to your customers in a highly professional package with a well-designed, professionally printed booklet. Booklets are ideal for a variety of projects...from price books to product brochures, cookbooks to software manuals, maintenance schedules to frequently asked questions.

  • Create catalogs annually, quarterly, or monthly to keep your customers informed of your latest products and services.
  • Consider full-color printing on a glossy paper to make images explode from the page.
  • Consider using a Wire-O or spiral binding for booklets that are easy for your customers to flip through and find the information they need!


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    When entering page counts, please note that coil bound and perfect bound books must be in multiples of 2 and saddle stitch books must be in multiples of 4.

  4. *Color Options (Cover)

    Outside Cover: Full-Color
    Inside Cover: Unprinted
  5. *Color Options (Interior Pages)

    Color Options (Interior Pages): Full-Color
  6. *Paper Choices (Cover)

    Medium Weight

    Heavy Weight

  7. *Paper Choices (Interior Pages)

  8. *High-Gloss UV Coating


    What is Gloss UV Coating?

    Gloss UV coating is a clear, protective finish that improves the durability of your printed pieces. It provides a glossy surface that resists fingerprints and smudges.

    Gloss UV coating adds a rich quality to any full-color printed item.

  9. *Binding Method


    Saddle Stitch (Staple)

    Saddle stitching involves inserting staples through the spine of a multi-page document before it’s folded. Most booklets and smaller magazines use this binding method. Our equipment also allows for a squared edge which is more prevalent with large page counts.


    Coil Bound

    Coil binding involves inserting plastic coils through holes drilled along the left-hand side of each page. This technique allows the finished document to lie flat and double-over on itself. Technical manuals and notebooks are commonly coil bound.


    Perfect Bound

    Perfect bound or soft cover books have an attractive square edge that gives a highly professional look. Pages are glued together instead of a traditional saddle / staple stitch. We suggest using a heavier weight paper for the cover for best results.

  10. *Turnaround Times

    Note: Shipping and delivery are not included in these turnaround times.

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